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    Being involved in an accident with a semitruck can have significantly more severe consequences than a collision with another passenger vehicle. We share the road with these motorized behemoths every day, especially when traveling on highways and other major roads, and most drivers tend to give them a wide berth. However, if a truck driver is operating his or her vehicle while overly tired, distracted, or impaired by drugs or alcohol, no amount of caution on your part can prevent you from being a victim of his or her carelessness. If you have been involved in an accident with a semitruck, contact Myers & Gomel, P.C. to speak to a Las Vegas truck accident attorney.

    What to Do in an Accident

    If you are lucky enough to walk away from an accident with a semitruck with only minor injuries, then there are certain steps you should follow:

    • Avoid in-depth discussion with the truck driver
    • Do not apologize in any way, as this may be used against you in the future
    • Make note of everything the driver says
    • Get contact information from the driver and any witnesses
    • Take pictures of the damage to your vehicle

    Following these simple steps helps ensure that your case against the trucker and the trucking company has a strong foundation.

    Why You Need a Las Vegas Truck Accident Lawyer

    If you have been in a car accident with another passenger vehicle in the past, you believe that getting a settlement for your injuries in a truck accident will be the same; this is simply not true. Insurance providers of large commercial trucking companies are notorious for being difficult to work with. Their clients have much higher limits on their payouts and the insurance company wants to keep their costs as low as possible. They will likely have a team of attorneys and adjustors to help them do so.

    Contact Myers & Gomel, P.C. before you even speak to the trucking company’s insurance provider. We can help you get an idea of what a truly fair settlement would be. By speaking to the insurance provider before retaining an attorney, you open yourself up to being bullied into accepting an unfair settlement. Let us deal with the insurance company; we will get you the compensation that you truly deserve.

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